To Blog or Not to Blog? That is the question.

Well, here I am, world! Finally! I made it! After months (maybe even years) of contemplation, coaxing and encouragement! Okay! Relax, Teja! You haven’t scaled Everest; (and you never will, given your levels of fitness & laziness)  you just started a blog! In this day and age of Facebook , Twitter, Instagram, and the plethora of social media platforms longer than your arm that we are sucked into joining, all we seem to care about is our image. To be more specific : our social media image. Joining any new social media platform has pretty much the same sequence:

  • What the Fuck is this?
  • Ooo, I think I can get used to this
  • 100 Likes! Totally nailing this
  • Yay! I’m a Instagram/Twitter/Facebook Celebrity
  • Meh! Too many family members

With the multitude of food and travel bloggers floating around on the interwebs, it was tempting to jump on to the bandwagon just to see what the hoopla is all about. But who am I to act all high and mighty about wanting to gain acceptance from social media. We all secretly want the world to love us, but are probably too proud (and afraid) to admit it. With every like on my Facebook profile photo from friends and family, to every encouraging comment for my “photography” skills on Instagram , to every retweet , From havit is so heartening to know that the world really does love you and does want you to grow. If only I would be so kind and start reciprocating that feeling towards my personal pink diary with a little heart-shaped lock that I poured my heart into during the tumultuous pre-teen and teen years, to being confident enough to publish my feelings on a blog – I think in many ways, this speaks of how much I have grown as a person. Given the years of expertise I have gained in the art of procrastination, I don’t know when I will even get down to writing my next blog post. But I am only going to take comfort in the fact that nobody (but me) probably even cares . So I’ve decided to go right ahead and put myself out there and let the words flow. Be kind, world!



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